Ottawa Got It This time, 30cm Storm

Out with Icecoastchowder doing some urban terrain. Check out the snow we got! Still some crust under it all but it does help the overall situation.  With another 10-20 to fall overnight on Valentine’s Day it would seem that Mother Nature is giving us a little Valentine’s Day gift of fresh.  With that I think all lines will be open.  So the next couple of days is going to be; go rip it all.  Next week looks like spring and Me n the Fam are off to Mont Sutton for the week for some snowskateing and Powsurfing.  So get the goods while they are worth getting.  All local lines coming up.


Just a quick word about the East Coast, The Maritimes, they are just getting out of a serious blizzard that dropped more than 60cm, 2 feet of snow in places. Now it all sounds good but it is also took down power lines and snowed people in.  While two weeks ago they were dealing with a major ice storm with thousands without power to recover and get covered with an incredible amount of snow.  Good luck out east and hopefully you can find the time to have some fun in all that goodness.  


New Years Eve n still snowing

Happy New Years!

Alberta clipper n still snowing in Ottawa, about 10cm down with another 5+ to go.  Not enough to get over the crust from the rain the other day but every bit helps.  Tonight along with the festivities I’ll be scoping out around the hill to check out the goods that it has to offer. We need more snow or some mild weather to get past that ice.  It’s a shame that the crust is in there with all that snow below it and not enough above it.

Regardless enjoy the evening and Let It Snow! My ride, 1991 Mercedes 300E 4matic.  This thing gets me where I want to go regardless of the weather.