About us

It takes time and energy as well as the means and the desire to do what we are trying to do here.  Lucky enough right now both myself and Larrimacphil AKA icecoastchowder have the time, the ability, and barely the means to search out the goods.  The desire to ride, surf or flow on snow has been within us since time can remember.  So here we are trying to catch up with storms as they pass through our general region.  Which for the most part stretches just west of Ottawa all through to Quebec City, The Eastern Townships and the Northern parts of New England.   While we still keep a weather eye on parts of the East Coast specifically, the need to venture that far has yet to present its self.  Once it pukes snow, our goal is to go poach that shit!  And ride, slash, surf the snow on bindingless boards.  Boards with no physical attachment to your feet.  Boards that are designed for your free riding desires.  There are a wide variety of boards for snow that don’t require bindings, for now we are both on Grassroots Powsurfers of various shapes n sizes. Icecoastchowder shreds a LibTech snowskate while I’m getting the hang of a Harfang snowskate, first season with it.

Here, laid out before you are our stories, accomplishments, and general talk about snow, weather, conditions, and the desire to rip it all.  Powwwzone just started this new year 2017,  with any luck we will be publishing snow slashing stories for years and seasons to come.

Thanks for coming to check it all out.  Drop us a line if your like minded and want to shred pow around the greater Capital region.

Believe in Ullr and let it snow!