Pine Grove

This is my got to place in the city. Been going there for the last three years. This is by far the worst winter there.  The conditions have not been right from the get go.  As it is now the snow is only covering a crust with little give. Its blown in in spots and the wind is hallowing now.  It’s fast, really fast. Though there is no turning unless you get into a powder pack even stopping is a challenge but most of the snow is at the bottom so if you haven bailed by then you can kinda stop.  Mellow still works, though there aren’t very many mellow lines at pine Grove. Most are quick and the terrain changes rapidly. Super quick adjustments. Really fun with a lot of snow.  There are multiple lines there. It’s a micro landscape of bowls. Complete with micro cornices and wind lips. Steep to mellow or mellow to steep or steep steep but all within a hundred vertical feet. The run out is the creek which can play a very important role in how the terrain is ridden.


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