Snowing! But Not Here : (

There is a storm brewing! unfortunately it is in The United States of America. And it is not the political shit show that is Donald Trump. Anyways there is snow out there, and closed down ski hills to hike as well,  and what of the local terrain?  NY state has 65 lost or closed ski hills, while some are no more then lawns on hills other could be gems in their own uniqueness.  Who’s going to check it out? Well if there was a time, the next few days would be a good one.  If you read up more about this approaching snow storm and the lake effect snow to follow, you would learn of Tug Hill and look into it’s geographic location.  It is no longer a drive to get to, than that of Mont Shefferd or Mont Sutton. Expect as pointed out before, it is in the USA.  Exchange rate sucks balls, gas is cheap, and they want you to be afraid. To live in fear.  Crazy!  Snow should be good though, the mountains n hills should do well too.  Hmm…

…Next weeks weather there looks like shit too, shit as in rain : (


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