Mix Bag of Shit for Ottawa Area 

Winter is throwing us a mix bag of shit tonight here in the Ottawa region.  It seems to be starting off with freezing rain though it might change over to snow throughout the evening.  It’s a quick system that is not going to be dumping much of anything here in town.  Nor anywhere else around here for that matter.  But what it is doing is starting to help the snow come back from the ice crust that we are dealing with here now.  All snow is a styrofoam  pillow of sorts, and this is the beginning of the crap that will start to cover it all up and soften it up.  The general region around here will be getting a snow rain mix tonight with mild temps to follow and some more snow rain mix throughout the week next week.  The only area within daytrippin range is going to be Saint donat du Montcalm, it looks like that area complete with three ski areas that accept snowskatin and a couple of areas for Hors Piste action, will be stayin cool enough to keep the snow falling and the rain at bay.  With some luck we will be back out there next week in the throws of powww.


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