This Weeks Game Plan

There is a Colorado low coming into the region tomorrow with a light dusting of 10 to 15cm locally with amounts as high as 25cm north of us. Unfortunately rain seems to be a factor this year and again rain is going to be following the snow.  Come Thursday there is way to much rain coming across the whole region including Quebec City. Not sure where the rain/snow line will be but it doesn’t look promising right now.  How far north will the rain be snow?

So Icecoastchowder n I are coming up with a game plan.

Option one…

Check to see snow amounts after the storm on tuesday and make a run up to The Knuckle in  The Brebeuf area.  Not a closed ski area just an open slope to hike up n do some runs.  seems relatively gentle but that is looking up at it from the base.  As we all know things look different when you’r looking down.

Option two…

Save The Knuckle for another day and head to Ski La reserve with all the gear and do the front side of the area with the snowdeck and possibly get into the back area for a little powdesurfing?  We have one day regionally to hit some good snow before the rain comes and bums out out yet again.

So some calculating and deciding needs to be done.

Screen Shot Ski La Reserve.png


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