The weather is shit here in Capcity

It is freezing rain here in OTown now.  With a colorado low bringing lots of moister into the region.  The line between snow and rain is going to have to be watched.  Unfortunately Ottawa is in the rain zone for the bulk of the storm.  It looks like St Jovit and the trembling areas will get about 12″+  Which is good they need it.  The other day there was ice below the snow so it was impossible to make any turns.  Ski La Reserve should be getting the same basic amounts.  I think that there might be a good place to check out by the end of the week.  Quebec City n surrounds should be getting 15’+ throughout this storm.  they are doing well over the last couple of systems blown through.  Sutton and the eastern townships won’t be doing so well. Freezing rain and rain warnings for those areas.  Of course there is a chance of snow up high but we are considering the whole mountain and its surrounds to find the stashes of Powww.

Go to Quebec City tonight and have fun tomorrow.  It’ll be a blast.  I have to work for a few days but then will check out Grey Rocks, La Reserve and spend a day up there on my snow deck.

No new systems moving in right after this one, so it is low tide unless you got time n wheels.  Again go to Quebec area


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