Mont shefford, WCB Rating 8

img_1334Mont Shefford


Easily accessible, Good parking, Steep and steep enough lines, Easy drive to get there, With snow comes opportunities to ride shit other than runs, North facing, Glades, Fun as Fuck


Easily accessible, Conditions may vary considerably between storms, Other peoples tracks, Making start zones to get enough speed into some runs, Steep at top with a mellow bottom

Up early this morning to catch a ride with Larimacphil to Mont Shefford at the beginning of the eastern townships.  Things were looking relatively bleak as we drove east past Montreal and into the first of the hills. Bromont pops up to our right as we fade away to the left. Still doesn’t look like much snow on the ground as we are heading closer to the base of Mont Shefford. Parked, and ready to hike we break the trail. Snowshoes helping us along till we get to the steeps n find a boot track set in. Snow is piling up as we climb the hill.  What was 20″ at the bottom is pushing 50″ at the top. Up we go. Down we come. Tree lines to be had runs done! Its is a easily  accessible hill with parking at the top or the bottom.  Unfortunately that meant on a holiday monday with rain in the forecast the next day it was being used.  People wanted to get in and cut some turns before it went to shit! So the runs were tracked some and made it choppy through out but both our small boards n big boards rode through it all.  Name of the game~ Get there first MoFo and track that shit out.

It was a long day and we never left the hill cept to move the car n park at the top so we could ditch the snowshoes n bags and session a few runs.  We didn’t make it out to Mont Glen nor did the conditions be sour enough to push us to Mont Sutton to snowdeck.  Of course we came prepared to do it all.

The view as we head up.  Followed by some tree lines, us at the base, and my shit at the door at 6 in the morn.mont-shefford


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