A Nor’Easter Just In Time 

Looks like an incredible storm is approaching. 


Best Chance For Off Trail Pow at Mont Sutton

Snow shoe access around the mountain.  It was a shame that the conditions weren’t suitable for proper pow searching and winter is basically over there now.  It has been mild  and wet since we left.  Now we are back in a freeze and everything will be crust!

Off To Mont Sutton

Weather looks to be mild this coming week.  Should be interesting.  And it was!

Mont Sutton.png

As we drove in we had come from Bromont, more specifically Mont Shefford, I wanted to check out what the snow conditions were there.  It is a quick drive up the back of the mountain and then 29 feet out of the car and your looking down some great runs.  Easy access is an understatement.  Lots of snow left, the temp was hovering around zero but the sun was blazing.  It’s a good thing its north facing.  The boot tracks are well set while snow that hasn’t been touched and has sufficiently warmed up was A OK.  A good sign.  No time to get any lines and very few to get.  It has been days plus a weekend since the last significant snow fall.  Such a sweet little mountain to ride though.

Back into town through the Route de Vins there is snow all over the fields.  Not a tremendous amount but enough to cover everything sufficiently. It is winter still.

Tomorrow we ride.   A Harfang snow skate.  It is going to be crusty in the morning while warming up through the days and through out the week.

It sure was a crusty start to the week.  all the runs were basically ice with dust on top, Dust On Crust.  Being a larger mountain than I’m used to on a snow skate and the toughest conditions been on yet. I stuck the whole day out on chair 2, not venturing onto the dark side yet.  14, 16 18 and 21 Sweet runs.  The next day I rented some skis.

I wanted to explore the mountain more freely the next day.  Which turned into an awesome day.  Spring skiing at its finest!  Everything warmed up nicely, big moguls were soft with iceysnow, tree runs were safe again, and the sun was shinning brightly.  We quickly took 26 to chair number five and up we went to the dark side.  For the next day and a half we pretty much went through all the runs, including 35A and 54, while playing favourites to 35, 34, 39, 44, 53, and 55  All sweet runs.  What a fun mountain.  Would love to be there with a shit ton of fresh snow. 

I finished off the last day back on the snowskate back at the blue zone chair two.  It was so sunny and mild that the snow was heavy with moisture and harder to plow through.  I wasn’t up for the challenge of the black diamonds with the snow skate this time.  Yesterday would have beed the day to do it.  It was mild enough to be soft while being cool enough to still grab an edge.  Next Time

Ruff Shaped my board

Thats it, ruff shaped my powder board.  Still have lots of sanding to do and fine tuning.  I might move on to a spring board because next week has spring weather and we have a ton of snow so spring conditions might be ruling the roost for the next little while?  Anyways it came out of the form after being in there for five days and kept its curves.  Nice!

Been A Good Couple of Days

Been out rip pin with Icecoastchowder over the last couple of days.  Was up west of Wakefield to a secret spot of sorts.  Well it was someones else’s secret spot that we went in and poached all the good lines.  Micro Bowl it was, short n steep.  lots of other terrain available from this area but not for this day.

This area was from another Micro Bowl south of Wakefield, not so secret because parts of it are very visible.  Though we went in to a snowed in area with less rocks and less wind crust.  Though within a morning we tracked it out and had a lot of fun.  Trying Bomb drops and mini airs while tearing up steep little lines.  All in the name of fun!



Ottawa Got It This time, 30cm Storm

Out with Icecoastchowder doing some urban terrain. Check out the snow we got! Still some crust under it all but it does help the overall situation.  With another 10-20 to fall overnight on Valentine’s Day it would seem that Mother Nature is giving us a little Valentine’s Day gift of fresh.  With that I think all lines will be open.  So the next couple of days is going to be; go rip it all.  Next week looks like spring and Me n the Fam are off to Mont Sutton for the week for some snowskateing and Powsurfing.  So get the goods while they are worth getting.  All local lines coming up.


Just a quick word about the East Coast, The Maritimes, they are just getting out of a serious blizzard that dropped more than 60cm, 2 feet of snow in places. Now it all sounds good but it is also took down power lines and snowed people in.  While two weeks ago they were dealing with a major ice storm with thousands without power to recover and get covered with an incredible amount of snow.  Good luck out east and hopefully you can find the time to have some fun in all that goodness.